LISI AEROSPACE Additive Manufacturing integrates resources needed to manufacture finished parts and operates at every phase – including design – to meet the traceability and supply chain standards of the aeronautics market.


Design and simulation.

LAAM possesses vast experience in deformation and production simulations for a wide variety of parts. This experience and expertise enable LAAM to work with its customers to optimize the design of manufactured parts (topology optimization, modifying design to reduce support volume and enhancing the strength of the fusion process).


LAAM owns seven metal fusion machines, including one machine for oversize dimensions (800 x 400 X 500 mm). These machines operate 24 hours a day on site, while their metallurgic characteristics are analyzed for each production batch.

Expertise in metallurgy.

Our laboratories are the heart of our manufacturing process.


Powder Laboratory.

The Powder Laboratory is the “inspection gateway” for all metal powders, from their initial reception all the way through to their recycling. We analyze every aspect of these raw materials, including chemical composition, fluidity, bulk density, morphology, and particle size distribution.


Metallurgy Laboratory.

In compliance with aeronautic standards, the company owns all the equipment needed to perform classic tests (micrographic analysis, macrographic analysis, porosity testing, traction control analysis, etc.). Additional tests are subcontracted to qualified businesses.

Machining and finishing.

LAAM’s post-processing infrastructure ensures the machining and finishing of parts – including sanding, polishing, and chemical machining operations – on our Marmande and Bologne sites.

Geometric and dimension controls.

LAAM possesses the equipment needed to perform geometric and dimension controls on manufactured parts (3D scanner, 3D measurement machine).