LAAM – industrial excellence applied to additive manufacturing.

LISI AEROSPACE Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) is the LISI Group entity that specializes in metal 3D printing technologies. A recognized player in the aeronautics, defense and space markets, LAAM brings the industrial excellence of the LISI Group to additive manufacturing.

LAAM in a nutshell

Meeting the aeronautics market’s traceability and supply chain needs.

LISI AEROSPACE Additive Manufacturing (LAAM) was created in 2015 from the merger of LISI AEROSPACE, a global player in the aeronautics market, and Poly-Shape, a pioneer in additive manufacturing. Since July 2018, LAAM has been fully owned by LISI AEROSPACE, within the Structural Components division, which specializes in structural components for airplanes, helicopters and satellites.

Additive manufacturing provides a wide range of benefits, from producing lighter pieces to designing components that were impossible to manufacture until now. Backed by the expertise and long-term vision of LISI AEROSPACE, LAAM aims to become a leader in the serial production of flight parts, using the latest metal powder bed technology, integrating all the resources necessary for producing finished parts.

Qualified parts in use on satellites, commercial aircrafts and jets.


Some of the serial pieces we produce are already in service, notably on the Dassault Falcon and Rafale, helicopters by Airbus Helicopters, as well as many different satellites.

Three benefits.

Expertise in metallurgy

LAAM holds the expertise and laboratory equipment needed to master every aspect of metallurgy, from analyzing powders to destructive testing, ensuring the material safety of all manufactured products. Moreover, LISI AEROSPACE, as a specialist in the deformation of materials, possesses a strong expertise in metallurgy, which benefits LAAM.




Process and supply chain control

With the industrialization and manufacturing methods developed at LISI Aerospace, LAAM brings this new technology the required level of expertise to meet the demands of the aeronautics market.





Optimized design

To maximize the benefits of this new technology, LAAM works with customers to optimize the design of manufactured parts (using the right material where it is needed, reducing the volume of mounts) and, if possible, integrating other functions in order to reduce the number of components.